Reason and Result

So / Such …that

 such … that / so … that 

"So... that" and "such... that" are used to describe reasons and results.

Adverb clauses of result state what has happened or what may happen as a result of the action mentioned in the main clause.

They are usually introduced by conjunctions like "so that", ""so … that", ""such … that".

"That" is often omitted.

 such … that 

'Such … that' takes a noun or modified noun in a noun phrase. 'That' can be used following the noun phrase but is not required.

Such, followed by "a" or "an", is used before an adjective+noun


・It was such good coffee that I drank three cups.
Such were his words and gestures that the listeners were hypnotized.
・She spoke in such a low voice that few could hear her.
・He is such a good man that all respect him.
・He spoke in such a low voice that few people could hear him.

 so…that/ so that 

'So … that' takes an adjective. 'That' can be used following the noun phrase but is not required.

"So" is used before an adjective or an adverb.


・The game was so fascinating (that) he played for hours.
・They fought so bravely that the enemy fled.
・The famine was so severe that thousands perished.
・She was so weak that she could hardly stand.
・The ice-cream was so good that I ordered a second bowl.
・It was so hot that I could not go out.