Common and Proper Nouns

              Common and Proper Nouns

 Common Nouns 


kitchen, bedroom, bathroom, car, house, picture,………etc.

What are common nouns?

1 A common nouns is a noun that refers to a person, thing and place.

2 Common nouns are represented in the singular and plural form.

 Example    dog, dogs,  person, people, 

3 Common nouns are represented by lower case letters.
(=Common nouns are not capitalized.)

 Example     country, winter, car, river

 Proper Nouns 

Microsoft, New York, English, January, Mars,
John, Monday, God, World War I, Room 222 , ……etc. 

1 Proper noun is a noun that refers to specific a person, a thing or a place.

2 The first letter of a proper noun is always represented by a capital letter.

 Example    Mary,   London,   McDonalds

 Types of Proper Nouns in English  

1.Name of the Month and Day

 Example    Tuesday,Christmas , July, May, April, Monday, February,… etc.

2. Names of people & pet names of animals

 Example    John, Mary, Bill, ……etc.

3. Names of Company's

 Example    Sony, Toyota, Microsoft, Ford, Amazon, Nike, etc. 

4. Names of places, Monuments, buildings, meeting rooms

 Example    The Taj Mahal, The Eiffel Tower,Room 101, …etc.

5.Geographical and Celestial Names

 Example    the Red Sea , Alpha Centauri, Mars,…etc.

6.The names of cities and countries and words derived from those proper nouns

 Example    Paris, London, New York, England, English,…etc.

7.Historical events, documents, laws, and periods

 Example    the Civil War, the Industrial Revolution, World War I,…etc,

8.Religions, deities, scriptures

 Example    God, Christ, Jehovah, Christianity, Judaism, Islam, the Bible, the Koran, the Torah,…etc. 

9.Awards, vehicles, vehicle models and names, brand names

 Example    the Nobel Peace Prize, the Scout Movement, Ford Focus, the Bismarck,…etc.