Any / Some

some / any

 some / any 

 Some and any are used to state the quantity, amount of something. When using some or any the exact numb er is not stated. Some and any are quantifiers.


Some is used with…

1 positive sentences.


   ・I have bought some bread.

2 In questions when you are asking for something or offering something you use some.
(if the answer the expected answer to be positive.)


   ・Would you like some coffee?

   ・Can I have some coffee please?


Any is used with…

1 Negative sentences


・I don't have any money today.
2 When asking a question.


・Is there any coffee?

3 Any is used when a sentence is grammatically positive, but the meaning of the sentence is negative.


・My brother never does any thing good.

Countable Nouns

not + any = zero

He doesn't have any good ideas.  good Ideas = zero

To show a small amount use "not" + "many"

He doesn't have many good ideas.    good ideas ≠ zero /=few 

※ many=a lot of

Uncountable Nouns

"Some" can also be used with Uncountable Nouns 

In positive sentences

He has some water.

In negative sentences

not + any = zero

He doesn't have any water.   not + any = zero

To show a small amount use "not" + "much" 

He doesn't have much water.      water ≠ zero/= little

※ much = a lot of 

NOTE:  much and many are used in negative and question forms.